Which Side Are You On (701/703)

Group 3 - Which Side Are You On?

Christopher Gomez, Violin
Lexe Mejia, Violin
Sadaf Qurashi, Cello
Alana Roopnarine, Violin
Aliya Santram, Viola
Amanda Sooknanan, Violin
Kyla Woodruff, Violin & Vocals

Artist Statement

Our song is about making the right decision not only with the elections but with life in general. The song makes sure that people don’t do something wrong and go in the wrong path because it could lead to worse things. Our song raises awareness because it makes people want to do justice in the world and change the way we look at things. We want to make sure we don’t think of each other as higher than one another and treat each other equally, this song was created to support mine workers in Kentucky who were fighting against the owners over better wages and better working condition. This probably because these mine workers were treated like slaves and didn’t get good pay or good working conditions. The owners probably thought the workers as slaves and as property. We need to fix the way we think of each other and not judge each other because it could lead to corruption in the world.

What I wish people would do of seeing/hearing our project is to understand the lyrics a little bit more. The lyrics really have a deep message that would make you think about the way you look at the world. It talks about feminism, elections, end to war, and guide to democracy. The whole idea of the song is to be able to choose which side is the right side? America and our history done us wrong. Plunder and pollution, when will people take a step and do something to stop this nonsense.

        In order to make this project the highest quality as possible, we took multiple steps to get where we are. First, we needed to figure out our transitions and our parts. That took us some time with some mistakes but we eventually got it. Second, we needed to try to play together. There were a lot of screaming and frustration that helped us play together as one and make less mistakes than we usually did. We also needed to make sure that we all participated and if we were fooling around to get back on task. Finally, we needed to make sure that we didn’t disrespect each other because let’s be honest that takes us nowhere. We were to respect each other even if we didn’t like each other. That is how we perfected our song.

By Ani DiFranco (originally by Florence Reece)

They stole a few elections,
Still we the people won
We voted out corruption and
Big corporations

We voted for an end to war
New direction
We ain't gonna stop now
Until our job is done

Come on all good workers
This year is our time
Now there some folks in Washington
Who cares what's on our minds

Come one-come all voters
Lets all vote next time
Show 'em which side are you on now
Which side are you on

Which side are you on now?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on now? 
Which side are you on?