Which Side Are You On (701/703)

Which Side Are You On?

Titanya Abdulla, Cello
Deon Jean Baptiste, Viola
Kimberly Cheta, Violin
Arafath Chowdhury, Viola
Jaden Fleming, Violin
Kathrine Gutierrez, Cello
Daphne Soriano, Violin
Yahaira Tejeda, Viola

Artist Statement
No Artist Statement
By Ani DiFranco (originally by Florence Reece)

They stole a few elections,
Still we the people won
We voted out corruption and
Big corporations

We voted for an end to war
New direction
We ain't gonna stop now
Until our job is done

Come on all good workers
This year is our time
Now there some folks in Washington
Who cares what's on our minds

Come one-come all voters
Lets all vote next time
Show 'em which side are you on now
Which side are you on

Which side are you on now?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on now? 
Which side are you on?