These projects were created using GarageBand software.  Students recorded their class performances of freedom songs such as "We Shall Overcome" and "Ain't You Got a Right," and combined them with archival testimonies from the Little Rock 9 students and other sound clips from the Civil Rights Era.

1. Jennifer Siguenza & Rafael Baez
"Our purpose with this project was to create a song to tell people the story of the Little Rock Nine.  The song contains some powerful quotes that we took out of the interview the students had many years later."

2. Tahmina Hossain & Talia Lerner
"The Little Rock Nine were African American teenage students that decided to go to a segregated white school to stop school segregation.  They faced many challenges to desegregate Little Rock Central High School.  The purpose of our project was to explain and bring out the challenges they faced."

3. Elan Grabarnik
"The Little Rock Nine changed a lot more than they thought they were.  They had gone to an all-white segregated high school in Arkansas to integrate it.  Instead, they changed the perspective of people across America.  My purpose with this project was to show the sadness and hardship the Little Rock Nine felt.  I showed this by putting thoughtful parts together that sounded well and meant a lot."

4. Neftali Kratc & Daniel Ossa
"The Little Rock Nine were a group of African American students who fought for desegregation by going to school anyway when they were told not to by their white peers.  Several years later, the New York Times interviewed them about their history in the school.  In this project, we manipulated the voices of the Little Rock 9 (all grown up) and used them to create a powerful message combined with our recordings of We Shall Overcome, an African American Freedom Song."

5. Austin Segretto & Eric Rios
(Artist statement to be uploaded)

Jennifer Siguenza & Rafael Baez

Talia Lerner & Tahmina Hossain

Elan Grabarnik

Neftali Kratc & Daniel Ossa

Austin Segretto & Eric Rios