Curriculum Vitae




2020         Teachers College, Columbia University, Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies

                 Dissertation: Learning Policymaking in Schools: Decolonization, Reinhabitation, and Inquiry

                 Dissertation Committee: Randall Allsup (Music Education), Luis Huerta (Education Policy),

                 David Hansen (Philosophy of Education), Celia Oyler (Curriculum and Teaching), Mark Gooden 

                 (Education Leadership)


2010         Teachers College, Columbia University, Ed.M. in Curriculum and Teaching

                 Thesis: Professional Change: MENC and the Politics of Reforming Music Curriculum


2004         University of Michigan, B.M. in Instrumental Music Education

                 Recipient of the Earl V. Moore Award from the Earl V. Moore School of Music


2004         University of Michigan, B.A. in English Language and Literature

                 Recipient of the Arthur Miller Award from the College of Literature, Sciences, and Arts


Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (New York, NY)                                                2010 – present

                 School Founding Team

                 Teaching: Instrumental Music (6-12), Jazz Ensemble (9-12), Community

                        Meetings (6-12), Group Leadership (6-12)

                 Leadership: Schoolwide Equity Team Leader, Schoolwide Community Meetings

                 Leader, Schoolwide Union Chapter Leader, Seventh Grade Team Leader, School

                 Leadership Team

Teachers College, Columbia University (New York, NY)                                                     

                 Teaching Assistant and Section Instructor, A&HM 5029 Philosophy of Music            2017 – 2019


                 Graduate Research Assistant to Randall Allsup, “Youth Culture and Music                   2009 – 2010


New York City Department of Education (New York, NY)                                                    Jun. – Sep. 2009 

                 Assessment Policy Strategist

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China)                                  Summer 2007, 2008

                 Adjunct Faculty, “Intensive Oral English” Course

Hazelwood East High, Kirby Middle, Granneman Elementary Schools (St. Louis, MO)          2004 – 2008

                 Orchestra Teacher (Grades 4-12), Assistant Marching Band Director

Missouri Department of Corrections / St. Louis Prison Performing Arts (St. Louis, MO)        2005 – 2008

                 Music Teacher, Hogan Street Regional Youth Center 

Lindenwood University (St. Louis, MO)                                                                                  2005 – 2007

                 Adjunct Faculty, “Multicultural Education” Course

American Youth Foundation: Camp Miniwanca (Shelby, MI)                                          Summer, 2002 – 2004

                 Community Coordinator & Ropes Course Instructor, High School Boys 

Michigan Department of Corrections / Prison Creative Arts Project (Detroit, MI)                   2001 – 2003

                 Music Teacher, Parnall Correctional Facility

                 Music Teacher, Parr Highway Correctional Facility

                 Creative Writing Teacher, Adrian Training School


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2021        Shieh. E. “How teachers see policy: School context, teacher inquiry, and policy visibility." Journal 

                of Education Policy

                Shieh. E. “I don’t want to be helpless”: Learning policymaking with teachers. Arts Education Policy 


2020        Shieh, E. Making practice into policy: Bridging, buffering, and building in our schools. Music Educators 

                Journal, 107(1), 31-36.


2016         Shieh, E. After Eric Garner: Invoking the black radical tradition in practice and in theory 

                 #BlackLivesMatter. Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education, 15(2), 126–45.


                 Shieh, E. & Allsup, R. E. Fostering musical independence. Music Educators Journal, 102(4), 30-35.


2012         Allsup, R. E. & Shieh, E. Social justice and music education: The call for a public pedagogy. Music 

                 Educators Journal, 98(4), 47-51.


                 Shieh, E.. Can music professional associations build capacity for curricular renewal? Arts Education 

                 Policy Review, 113(2), 55-67.


2010          Shieh, E. On punishment and music education: Toward a practice for prisons and schools. International 

                 Journal of Community Music, 3(1), 19-32.

2009         Shieh, E. A tale of two conferences: Professional discourse, music education, and justice. Philosophy of 

                 Music Education Review, 17(2), 203-212.

2008         Shieh, E. Developing leadership in the ensemble classroom. Music Educators Journal, 94(6), 46-51.


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

2021        Allsup, R. & Shieh, E. Choosing music literature. In H. Abeles & L. Custodero, Critical issues in music 

                Education: Contemporary theory and practice. New York: Oxford University Press.

2016         Shieh, E. Relationship, rescue, and culture: How El Sistema might work. In C. Benedict, P. Schmidt, G. 

                 Spruce, & P. Woodfoord (eds.), The Oxford handbook of social justice in music education (pp. 567-581). 

                 New York: Oxford University Press.

2013         Shieh, E. “It’s Revolutionary!”: A case of interdisciplinarity in Music Education. In C. Harrison & S. 

                 Hennessey (eds.), Listen out: International perspectives on music education. Matlock, Derbyshire (UK): 

                 National Association of Music Educators.

2012         Allsup, R. E., Wusterlund, H., & Shieh, E. Youth culture and secondary education. In G. McPherson and 

                 G. Welch (ed.), The Oxford handbook of music education. New York: Oxford University Press.

2006         Shieh, E. Teaching community. In C. Conway, Handbook for the beginning music teacher (pp. 221-223). 

                 Chicago: GIA Publications.

2005         Shieh, E. & Conway, C. Professional induction: Programs and policies for beginning music teachers. In L. 

                 Bartel (ed.), Questioning the music education paradigm (pp. 162-178). Toronto: Canadian Music 

                Educators Association.


Op-Eds, News Articles, and Reviews

2021         Shieh, E. Embracing excess in the classroom: A commitment for APIA heritage month. EL Education 

                Blog (May 17, 2021).

2020         Shieh, E. et al. The logistical madness of hybrid school schedules. The Washington Post (September

                 15, 2020)

                Shieh, E. Reimagine schools? We must widen our starting points. Hechinger Report (July 10, 2020)

2018        Shieh, E. Book Review: Vicky R. Lind & Constance McKoy, Culturally responsive teaching in music 

                education: From understanding to application (New York: Routledge, 2016). Philosophy of Music 

                Education Review, 26(2), 210-216.

2018         Shieh, E. et al. This is what inadequate funding looks like and feels like, as told by an entire faculty. The 

                 Washington Post (February 29, 2018).

2014         Shieh, E. et al. Is testing taking over our schools? An entire faculty answers. The Washington Post (April 

                 2, 2014).

2013         Shieh, E. Why we can’t threaten our way to better schools. The Washington Post (March 27, 2013) & 

                 Hechinger Report (March 27, 2013)

2012         Shieh, E. “Shut up and teach”: The high stakes of teacher voice. The Washington Post (January 27, 

                 2012) & Hechinger Report (January 27, 2012)


2008         Shieh, E. Beyond multicultural concerts. The Soundpost, 43(3), 14-21.


2005         Shieh, E. Talking community. Missouri Music Educators Magazine, 60(1), 48-51.

2003         Shieh, E. Book Review: Derek B. Scott, Music, culture, and society: A reader (New York: Oxford University

                 Press, 2000). Philosophy of Music Education Review, 11(1), 90-95.



 2014         Shieh, E. How do we grow? New York: Still Movement Press.


Invited Keynotes

2018         “In search of strange communities in music education,” Big Ten Academic Alliance Music Education 

                 Conference (Ann Arbor, MI, October 11).


Conference Papers, Presentations, and Workshops

2021        "Making practice into policy," National Association for Music Education Music Research and Teacher

                Education Conference (Virtual Conference, February 25-27).

2020         “'I don’t want to be helpless': Investigating policy problems with teachers,” International Society for

                 Music Education Commission on Policy (Conference Online [formerly Helsinki, Finland], July 29).

2020         “Dislocating ourselves: Naming teachers as policymakers,” American Educational Research Association

                 Annual Meeting (San Francisco, CA, April 17-21) [Presented via Online Paper Repository].

2018         “What does it mean to do community? Designing community meetings with purpose,” Expeditionary 

                 Learning National Conference (Philadelphia, PA, November 9).

2018         “Big ideas in the music classroom: Investigating student work and curriculum processes from an 

                 interdisciplinary secondary school,” International Society for Music Education (Baku, Azerbaijan, July 18).

2018         “Policymaking on the ground: Inquiry, decolonization, reinhabitation,” International Society for Music 

                 Education Commission on Policy (Munich, Germany, July 11).

2017         “’Opt out sucks this year’: One school’s story,” Teachers College Academic Festival (New York City, NY, 

                 April 8).

2013         “Reconsidering the bubble in music education: The case of Venezuela’s El Sistema,” International 

                 Symposium on the Philosophy of Music Education (New York City, NY, June 8).

2012         “A creative turn: Teaching performance skill through musical projects,” Expeditionary Learning National 

                 Conference (Denver, CO, May 4).

2010         “Performing reflection: Rethinking radical aesthetics for music education,” International Symposium on 

                the Philosophy of Music Education (Helsinki, Finland, June 10).

2009         “Professional associations and the politics of curriculum reform: An analysis of MENC,” International 

                 Research in Music Education Conference (Exeter, UK, April 16).

2008         “Seven years in prison: On punishment and music education.” musica ficta/Lived Realities: 

                 Engagements and Exclusions in Music Education Conference (Toronto, Canada, January 25)

2003         “A model for music education as social action.” New Directions in Music Education (Lansing, MI, 

                 November 8).


Awards and Fellowships - Selected

2017 – 2018      Teachers College Education Policy Dissertation Research Fellowship

2014 – 2016      New York City Department of Education Model Teacher

2013                 New York City Outward Bound Gaynor McCowan Excellence in Teaching Award Finalist

2012                 Fund for Teachers Fellowship (Project: Educational Responses to Poverty in Caracas, Venezuela)

2009                 Education Pioneers, Courage Core Value Award

2009                 Education Pioneers Fellowship

2008                 Hazelwood School District Star Teacher Award

2005                 Hazelwood School District Rookie Teacher of the Year Award

2004                 University of Michigan School of Music Earl V. Moore Award

2004                 University of Michigan College of Literature, Sciences, & Arts Arthur Miller Award (Outstanding

                         Thesis in Humanities)

Professional Service - Selected

2019 – present  Editorial Board, Arts Education Policy Review

2019 - 2020       Core Design Team, Sonia Sotomayor Expeditionary Learning School (school proposed to open

                              in the Bronx, NY)

2018                  Coordinator, Expeditionary Learning National Site Seminar on Collaborative School Culture 

                              (Feb. 7-8)

2014 – 2016      Showcase Schools Initiative Site Team, Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School

2007                  Conductor, E. Desmond Lee St. Louis Citywide Orchestra

2014                  Planning Committee, Expeditionary Learning National Site Seminar on Interdisciplinary Curriculum

                          (Mar. 6-7)

2006 – 2008      Vice President, St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association


Musical Performance - Selected

2013 – present  Principal Violinist / Concertmaster, SOB: String Orchestra of Brooklyn (New York, NY)

                               Discography: afterimage (2020, Furious Artisans); Richard Carrick: Cycles of Evolution

                               (2015, New World Records)

2011 – 2012      Principal Violinist, New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra (New York, NY)

2009 – 2011      Lead Violin / Viola, SPIRIT Jazz Ensemble (New York, NY)

2005 – 2008      Assistant Concertmaster, St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra (St. Louis, MO)