Curriculum Night (H.S.)

I.  The Big Ideas and High School Music

II.  Two Big Things to Know
  • Out-of-class practicing, whether at home, before school, or at lunch, is a requirement.
    • Music I (9th Grade) - First assessment is next Tuesday (9/23) 
    • Music III (10th Grade) - First project is due this Friday (9/19)
  • Students new to MELS are learning one instrument this semester (violin, viola, cello, or bass).  Students continuing from 8th Grade Music are learning a second instrument (guitar, bass guitar, drums, or keyboard).

III.  What You Can Do
  • Check in regularly with your child on whether s/he is on track in Music
  • Support and supervise practicing.  Ask your child to play for you
  • Purchase an instrument?  It might be time.  (See attachment below)
  • Thank you for supporting Music at MELS.  Over half of the school participates in Music!

IV.  Resources
  • Mr. Shieh's Website ( & e-mail (
  • Jumprope
  • Lunch open practice every Tuesday (9th Grade) and Friday (10th Grade)
  • After school Music Club on Mondays/Thursdays
  • Signing out an instrument
Eric Shieh,
Sep 17, 2014, 9:48 AM
Eric Shieh,
Sep 17, 2014, 9:47 AM