Curriculum Night (7th Grade)

I.  The Big Ideas

II.  What You Can Do
  • Listen to your child's projects and recordings (check back in 2 weeks!)
  • Supervise practicing.  Ask questions and let yourself be taught
  • Be encouraging.  Music class is the ultimate success & failure
  • Support music as an important subject.  Come to POLs and performances!
  • Thank you for your support of Music at MELS.  Over half of the school participates in Music programs!

III.  Resources
  • Mr. Shieh's Website ( & e-mail (
  • Online tutorials
  • Jumprope
  • 7th Grade Weekly E-mail Updates (starting in October)
  • Lunch open practice every Wednesday
  • Checking out an instrument
  • Purchasing an instrument

IV.  Instrument safety at home
  • Make sure the bow is (1) loose and (2) looks like this: 
  • Keep the instrument out of the heat or cold and away from siblings and pets.
  • Keep the instrument in its case when not in use.  Do not let siblings play
  • Do not tune or attempt to repair the instrument
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Sep 30, 2015, 6:52 AM
Eric Shieh,
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