8th Grade Remix Survey

8th Grade Remix Survey


8th Grade Remix Survey ‎(Responses)‎

Remixing in media can be a powerful tool for expressing ideas based on real-world sounds, creating new ways of looking at things from old materials, and even sharing informationIt is also a powerful tool for distorting information and history, or when done poorly, can make it harder to listen to and make sense of something that should be listened carefully to.

In this project, you are asked to create your own remix of audio materials related to the Civil Rights Movement or #BlackLiveMatter, and to recordings you make on your instrument. After a week of practice using GarageBand, you will (1) browse and cut samples from different recordings, (2) learn songs relevant to the fight for civil rights, and (3) improvise melodies on your instrument to create mood for your project.

Finished projects will be shared online and at the POL for this Expedition. In the past, some 8th grade projects have been submitted to radio remixing competitions.