250 Words for MELS

MELS is going to be around for a long time, and each of us has played a part in building this school. Think of this project as a way of capturing what our school is about. Think of it also as a way of marking for future generations where things have come from—certain activities, rituals, relationships, tendencies, ways of being at MELS. Think of it also as a way of “documenting” MELS as a site of people, in a variety of relationships and with a variety of interests in this school.

  • The writing must be a specific story from or about MELS.
  • It is limited to 250 words! Unfortunately, submissions above the limit cannot be included in the book and will be sent back to you for editing.
  • Show, don't tell!  (A little reflection is fine, but try to stick to the story.)
  • The title must begin with: “Write about…”
Submit your 250 words below by August 15, 2016.

 Submission Period is Now Closed